Dietitian Services for Aged Care and Nursing Homes

Meegan has extensive experience in the area of geriatrics and is working with one of the leading Geriatricians on the Central Coast providing nutrition assessments and menu assessments. With her knowledge of caring for older people, she has provided feedback and comments by request, for the revision of 'The Best Practice Food and Nutrition Manual for Aged Care Facilities', which is funded by The Department of Health and Ageing.

With her passion in the area of aged care, Meegan can provide nutrition assessments and reviews for residents in nursing homes or aged care facilities across all of the Central Coast. Nutrition services can also be provided to Veterans Affairs residents in low level care. Please contact Meegan to discuss the requirements for providing these services or for any other service requests.

Meegan will visit your aged care facility and provide professional dietary advice to individual residents for optimum nutrition and quality of life. Dietary advice can be given on a range of nutritional issues that are common in this area such as malnutrition, weight loss, poor appetite, decreased oral intake, texture modified diets, diabetes, wound healing & nutrition support including high protein, high energy diets, supplement use, food fortification and tube feeding.

Professional advice can also be given to assist in the accreditation process by ensuring quality improvement is carried out to relevant nutritional issues and to the development of nutrition related policy and procedures.

Staff development, training and In-Services on nutrition and diet therapy

  • In-services can be provided to all staff involved in the care of residents from food service staff to nursing staff to management staff where appropriate, on various related nutrition topics that are related to the nursing home resident such as:
  • Nutrition screening, prevention and treatment of malnutrition
  • Feeding the undernourished resident
  • Nutrition support and supplements
  • Texture modified diets and thickened fluids
  • Fibre, fluid and constipation
  • Wound healing
  • Tube feeding

Menu Assessment and Review

Meegan has experience in food service consultancy providing menu assessments for hospitals, care homes and aged care facilities. She can provide a menu assessment and review for your facility to ensure the menu is nutritionally adequate for your residents, appropriate to provide varied, enjoyable meals, flexible to meet texture modified diets and affordable for your facility. A comprehensive report will be provided at the completion of the assessment with recommendations regarding changes to the menu so it can better meet nutritional standards.

For all appointments and enquiries please phone Meegan Field Dietitian, Central Coast on 0424 291 918 or through our contact us page.